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The more effort you put in each area, the more positive results you will see. This will also allow you to reduce the file size so its nice and small to send. Be patient in waiting for a response, remember sponsorship is a serious request and most companies receive multiple requests weekly and in some cases daily.

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So one day when I was flipping threw paintball magazine I saw like 3 adds for dra Xxsus paintballs and how teams have won and won with there paint.

Now I would like to makea propersition or e-mail me back and say no.

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we pratcie 3 days a week for about 8 hours a day paint is very expensive gear is also.

we sold many of our own belongings to fuel our paintball team but recently most of us have gotten laid off due to school. if we dont get any help soon im afriad team ****** gonna break apart due to money issues.

Now we aren’t those little paintball players we were before.

We are a brotherhood, and we will not stop until we make it to the top and play against xsv and dynasty.

is really lame i know but i wouldnt ask for help if our team didnt need it.


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