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However, I am at a block on getting the reverse dns updating to work.

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This article describes five things that you can do to keep you and your organization safe as well as reduce unnecessary load on the DNS infrastructure: ) or zone file fragments are included.

DNS is a complex, highly distributed system that operates on the hierarchical structure of domain names, so it is worth briefly covering some background.

Sometimes it also useful to be able to start with an IP address and find the name allocated to it; email systems especially use this technique as part of an antispam arsenal.

DNS performs IP address-to-name translation by manipulating the IP address and using reverse-mapped zones under the reserved domain name Now, by way of illustrating the sometimes confusing nature of the DNS, some organizations (especially smaller ones) elect to run both caching and authoritative functions in the same name server.

Many e-mail servers are configured to reject incoming e-mails from any IP address which does not have reverse DNS.

The My SAU portal allows your to update a reverse DNS record for any IP addresses allocated to your Dedicated, Cloud, Colocation, or Virtual server.While the vast majority of unnecessary traffic relates to buggy software and badly configured firewalls, a significant proportion was caused by poorly configured DNS software.So with all this information at our fingertips, let's look at five DNS issues that you should check to minimize unnecessary traffic on the DNS infrastructure, and help keep your organization running smoothly.There are now well over 100 instances of the various root-servers in operational use, the majority of which now lie outside North America.The root-servers receive more than 2 billion queries per day, of which (according to some studies [6],) only 2% are legitimate queries!While this is not a recommended practice for reasons that we shall see later, it may be simply a pragmatic solution.


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