Dating a sagittarius man

This positive outlook is one of the most attractive qualities in Sagittarians and few people are able to resist the sunshine that radiates from these happy beings.

A thirst for knowledge is what distinguishes a Sagittarian from someone who is merely happy-go-lucky.

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From time to time, he may need a change of scene to make him feel alive.

Being stuck in one task or place for long periods can make him feel tied down and claustrophobic.

If the man you are dating has an unquenchable desire to discover the unknown and learn about everything new that he comes across, chances are that he is a Sagittarian.

Like the Archer which symbolizes this zodiac sign, a Sagittarius aims high at the star of knowledge and reaches for all that is waiting to be discovered.

The downside of the proverbial Sagittarian optimism is that they tend to forget the practical side of life.

With Jupiter as the ruling planet, a Sagittarian is thought to be Luck’s favorite child and therefore can be often found safely sailing through the many whirlpools of Fate.

This is also one reason why Sagittarians are unlikely to be found living and working according to an artificially enforced routine.

They thrive in artistic careers or those like medicine and social work which entail a lot of motion.

So if you are a woman who prefers security and predictability in her partner over a brilliant and versatile nature, maybe you should look elsewhere.

A relationship with the high-aiming Archer is not every woman’s cup of tea.

Lively and outspoken, Sagittarians believe in looking at the brighter side of things.

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