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I think everyone who's tried has encountered the same issue: once you've cum you are suddenly much less horney, and the desire to go through with it drops off dramatically.

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The large black plug that it been shoved in my ass was still causing me some pain, but I could feel the cum of many men leaking past the hard plastic plug that of been shoved viciously up my ass.

I started the car and slowly drove away from the theater.

Fortunately, there are some tricks you can use to help your odds of actually doing to the deed. This is a good rule to follow because I've found the more turned on you ar...

Continue» So my wife read our convo we had about you getting gang [email protected], I could see her pussy juices pouring out through her pants You told me how it was suppose to be a tinder hook up an when you got there, there was more then 1 an kinda left it there Grinder actually..hit me up on a dick a 10 inch thick cock...I said I wanted to suck it...told me to come over and suck his nut the address...

As far as she knew sex was just an enjoyable thing to do & a way to keep a man happy.

I got her off by using vibrators on her clit while we were fucking. Continue» I was awakened the next morning when the lid of my box was opened.

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It was a very upscale marina, situated right behind the Voyager nightclub.

It wasn't uncommon during the summer for me to spend Friday, and Saturday nights on the boat.

I put on a mini skirt that showed off my boobs..fuck me heels and went over When I knocked on the door he answered and...

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