Dating albanian women dating sites based on intelligence

This notwithstanding the very conservative culture of the catholic community in Northern Albania.

“My Father agreed immediately – she explains – I had no other choice, and it is true that Macedonians are Orthodox, but they’re Christian anyway”.

Girls are introduced to the husbands against payment, and the rest goes as in any arranged love story.

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They take up half the bus and they all have Northern Albanian accents.

Indeed, hundreds of young Albanian women marry Macedonian men of Slavic ethnicity.

The only solution was to get married in Macedonia, like many of her friends.

Nationality, language and religion were barriers that she could overcome, driven by the urgency of material necessities.

Twenty-five years old, light shining eyes and Germanic traits, Elvira tries to socialize with the people next to her.

She says she does it because she needs to speak Albanian, she terribly misses her mother-tongue.

The Republic of Albania is a country in Southern and Southeastern Europe, that is extremally seeing as badland.

It’s not a stereotype, actually be warned, it’s one of the most dangerous places in Europe.

With tourism only starting to pick up in recent years, locals are still curious and excited to meet visitors.

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