American woman dating dutch me

) I can only conclude that marrying an American woman is nothing more than poisoned candy!She will only be with you as long as she can get pleasure or utility out of you.But is it really because men are insensitive, unfeeling idiots or is it because women are simply quite good at being secretive in their machinations?

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He had to pay alimony to her while she was trying out her new man ,,even though HE had the kids , and when she didnt pay her required child support,, which she never did , it was all ok .

No Problems ,she doesnt have to pay, if she doesnt feel like it .....

Much harder work than those mothers who 'work full time', thats for sure You also missed 'taking kids to dance class, swimming lessons, football practice, etc etc' And to the OP; living together is very acceptable here, you can avoid the divorce issues by just not getting married.

original post How is dating in the netherlands different from dating in America? Men have to do all the asking, paying, buying of gifts. Most men here are sick of dealing with self entitled hyprocritical princesses.

Many had no idea the marriage was even in trouble...

Naturally, the assumption for everyone is that men must be boneheads to not pick-up on the subtle cues that their marriage is in trouble.In america , she would be in Jail Can we not make it personal?You are talking about one women and frankly that isn't very flattering of most of the women who take care of themselves.In a reply to a readers' response way back in the past, I once described getting the girl in the end not as a victory, but as a booby-prize or a defeat wrapped inside a victory.Well, here is one of the grandest ironies of the American female: if you are the type of man who can put-up with her bullshit and win her in the end (and fall in love with her and marry her) then there's a very good chance that she will want to cut the marriage short(!At home men do more housework and have to pamper women. Are relationships 50/50 or 100/0 like they are here? You do the asking because if women ask you are scared that they are too agressive.

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