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When they read romance novels, this theory is further reinforced - for, in the classic teen romance novel, the girl without a boyfriend, or “sweet sixteen and never been kissed” is the poor laughing stock who doesn’t have a date to the prom.And on the pages of a typical adult romance novel, the heroine is always a successful, beautiful career woman, but, she feels, that "something” is lacking in her life... It is improbable that the average teenager, would just read these books, and that there would be no impact on her mind.

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Nor do not tell you about the degradation and the loss of self-respect with which people, especially women, emerge after these relationships.

For there is no peace, no tranquillity in such relationships.

The daily cycle, the moods, everything about the individual is affected.

There is a certain sort of darkness, a restlessness which fills the heart, and this restlessness affects the rest of the family too.

For it is now that all the arguments with the parents start: “Why can’t I go out tonight? ” And there are the mood swings and the fluctuating eating habits.

If the phone doesn’t ring, then it’s a case of “I don’t feel like eating.” Then there is dishonesty...

Everyday life becomes a misery..marks drop, daily moods start to depend on the current state of her relationship with the boy and many girls, totally misled by Shaitaan, even make dua for a “reconciliation.” During this period the girl is ravaged by guilt, because deep down in her heart, she is aware that what she has done is haraam, and she also feels guilty about lying to her parents.

If there was a physical aspect to her relationship, then these feelings of guilt are deeply accentuated and coupled with a total loss of self-respect.

the feelings of degradation, and the many possible consequences thereof are conveniently left out. These same “harmless” fairytales and books, have a detrimental effect on the thinking, lifestyles and attitudes of our children.


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