Custom textbox validating user input

If your form requires even more complex field validation, contact us and we’ll help you get it done.

For this first example we do not need to place much code into the code-behind file. NET runtime does not waste time processing a request with invalid information.

We can double click on both of the Button controls on the form to add event handlers for the click events. If you want to disable just client side validation for a specific validation control, you can set the control’s Enable Client Script property to false. NET will always execute validation checks on the server when a button click event arrives requiring validation.

The following declaration shows the use of a required field validator from the form above: For a live example of the form shown above, see the Validation demo.

If the validators are set to use client-side validation (their Enable Client Script property is True), the Rad Input controls automatically trigger the validator that checks their value when the user finishes editing.

That is, when the user has changed the value in the control and it then loses focus, the validator checks the new value of the input control.

You can also use the Rad Input controls to trigger the validation of other controls on the page.Since Q2 2012 there are some modifications for Rad Input validation.The main idea is to render only the input element all the time, and remove the span element and the excessive inputs.Place four controls from the Web forms section of the Toolbox onto the form. If Is Valid returns a value of true then all of the validation checks were successful.Drag one Text Box control and give it an ID of First Name Text Box, two Button controls (Submit Button and Cancel Button), and one Required Field Validator (First Name Required Field Validator). The following screen shows the form in action, and the user has pressed the Submit button without entering any text into the textbox. The Required Field Validator fails when the value in the associated control matches the value of the Initial Value property of the Required Field Validator.There are good reasons to always execute validation checks on the server.


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