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These scams where you believe you are dating a soldier are becoming more and more common. Do you think I am being paranoid or now that he has made his decision and picked me. He isn’t going to use me for time off and then blow me off when he gets back to the states.. The thing that sticks out most to me is him asking you to write to request time off for him so he can get married. The Army does not process requests for time off from the girlfriend (or wife for that matter) of a soldier. Some units will not even allow individual time off and the soldier can only have leave when the unit as a whole takes it.

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If the person you are speaking to requests money in any form, cut off all communication. Well I just found out that he was courting two women. Nearly every scam I’ve been informed of in the past few months has included this.

Here are some more signs you’re involved in a dating scam. He should also be willing to tell you where he is, where he is stationed, where you would both live after getting married, etc. Has he given you an AKO email address (his name @ mil)? And if he asks you for money, you should cut off contact with him. I have been chatting with a man who said he is in the Army and is in Iraq.

He has been telling her that he will be coming to see her when he can get a leave.

Also, she should be getting a verification number shortly from the base , and then she will be gettting his leave money as he has put her down as his next of kin.

I have tried to tell my sister this all sounds like a hoax, but she is falling for this MIKE guy fast. First, the military does not ask civilians (relatives or otherwise) to write to request leave for a soldier. Secondly, there would not be an exchange of money involved with it.

He apparently has 2 children who attend a boarding school. Then she said I could request leave on her behalf and she gave me an email address. They answered immediately asking me to fill out 1 form. The next day they asked me to Western Union 50 to her replacement in Ecuador and she would be granted leave within 12 hrs. They listed the Dept of Defense at an address not in the Pentagon, but at Washington DC, WA. I have all the forms and documentation and IP address. Quite a few that have contacted me about similar scams have said they and their families were threatened when they refused to send money (or refused to send more money).

I am to send a e-mail requesting to get connected with him, he said there is a fee and then all calls are free.

He also mentioned something about registering and then I can request for him to get leave. When soldiers are overseas, there is no reason for other people to be paying for their communication.

this money will not be in a cheque form as the army has to be careful of fraud.


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