Radiometric dating of dinosaur fossils

The author insists that the second law of thermodynamics is not violated by “evolution of life”, by stating that while the entropy on one part of the Universe may decrease (such as in the case of “evolution of life” from a disorderly one celled instrument into a very complex human system), other parts of the Universe may increase in entropy at a larger rate thus giving us a total entropy, ΔStot increase of 0 ΔSsyst in this case being the entropy decrease due to “life evolutionary processes”, and ΔSenvir being the greater part of the entropy in the universe.Thus, erroneously showing that the overall ΔStot entropy of the universe would, then greater than 0. Now, curiously we ask : Who “picked up”, who “put them”, who “gathered”, who “converted” the marbles and the steel into bridge? In this particular case it was The author of Open Stax’s physics textbook who put all those items into an orderly fashion and thus reduced the entropy of the system.

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It takes intelligence to produce something orderly from the Sun, just as a nuclear bomb dropped on a city, would not, in a billion years, create a better city with no destruction of life at all.

Furthermore, to show the false illustration of the author of Openstax we quote what he states: Watch a reaction proceed over time. Vary temperature, barrier height, and potential energies.

And how is it that “teacher guidance” needed in order for us to understand the “analogy of chemical reactions”.

Why do we need “someone”, some intelligent “teacher” in order to do temperature dependent studies and extract the necessary parameters in order to understand the 2 law of Thermodynamics and its entropy?

Information for this essay was taken from Open Stax Physics online book “Open Stax Online book on Physics for College Students” This is what the Physics author in Open Stax erroneously states (bear with me, it is a long example): “Some people misunderstand the second law of thermodynamics, stated in terms of entropy, to say that the process of the evolution of life violates this law.

Over time, complex organisms evolved from much simpler ancestors, representing a large decrease in entropy of the Earth’s biosphere.

As his illustration shows, it took the author of Open Stax some energy AND and, some act of INTELLIGENCE in order to put those items in order.

Unless the author considers himself or herself and UN-INTELLIGENT agent or at the moment, in which case the illustration, we concur would fit, but this assumption would not make sense also. Because, we believe the author is highly intelligent.

The author of Open Stax is totally oblivious to the fact or prefers to leave the facts out that unless someone or something intelligent acts in the process to reduce the entropy of any system, the entire process would proceed to increase the disorderly (entropy) of the universe instead of reducing it.


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