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SP Power Assets (SPPA), as the transmission licensee, remains responsible for the physical delivery of electricity supply to your premises regardless of which retailer you choose.

Hence, you will continue to enjoy the same quality, safety and reliability of electricity supply.

A three-acre parcel on Shenton Way, located in the heart of Singapore’s commercial zone, was selected as the site for the headquarters.

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If you choose to remain as a non-contestable consumer, no action is required.

You can continue to buy electricity from SP Services (SPS) at the regulated tariff.

Starting April 2018, business and residential consumers whose premises have postal codes starting with 60, 61, 62, 63 and 64 are able to buy electricity from Union Power.

Note that consumers who are under the prepaid metering scheme with SP Group can only switch to become contestable after clearing all outstanding arrears owed to SP Group.

The comprehensive and ambitious EUSFTA will improve Singaporean and European companies’ access to each other’s markets, and provide a stable and fair regime for foreign investors while preserving the right of the parties to regulate in the public’s interest.

Using Singapore as a launchpad, European businesses will also be able to tap into the opportunities in the wider region.The Singapore Trades Union Congress, which was the existing trade union organisation at that time, split into two factions: the pro-PAP NTUC and the pro-Barisan Singapore Association of Trade Unions (SATU).NTUC supported PAP’s stance that it would be in Singapore’s best interests to join Malaysia.Electricity retailers like Union Power can provide packages with different price plans, and services to suit differing usage patterns.You will be billed directly by Union Power based on the commercially agreed electricity price.Similar competitions were held subsequently, including that for the design of the Civilian War Memorial. Munusamy was a school janitor who was randomly chosen from 42 rank-and-file workers and trade unionists to represent the common workforce in Singapore to which the building was dedicated.

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