Adult dating in columbus

I love what I do.""My special niche in the Columbus area is helping people integrate or better manage their patterns of thinking,believing,feeling,and acting.

I love what I do.""I am passionate about relationships.

Maybe it's my Italian genes, or maybe it's my sense of family values. For whatever reason, I care about helping relationships survive and thrive.

My training includes Gottman Method and Emotionally Focused Therapy.

I'm passionate about empowering those I work with to discover the best version of themselves in order to live their best lives.

I help people let go of old patterns and reconnect to their true self so they can achieve their goals, restore healthy functioning and experience lovingkindness for themselves and others.""My work as a therapist centers around our innate drive toward health, healing and wholeness.

Are you feeling like the caterpillar who thought its life was over, as yet unable to break free, but having a sense that with some work and time a new life is possible?

Metamorphosis may be the place for you to get started.Together we can help begin the journey of healing, recovery and wellness.""I work well with people who are dealing with transition(s) or issues in their lives.They may find themselves not knowing how they feel about or not know about options they may wish to take.I facilitate your interaction as a couple to lead you into a deeper understanding of each other first, and then move on to problem-solving and practical decision-making.""My work as a therapist centers around our innate drive toward health, healing and wholeness.By building on one's inherent strengths and developing personal insight and awareness, we're able to move into a more joyful and gratifying life.I specialize in working with the diagnosis and treatment of anxiety, depression, self-esteem, co-dependency, eating disorders, women's issues, and related issues.""Our clients are children, adolescents, young adults, individuals, couples and families.

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