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If you're a masochist, you can opt into this otherwise retired service from the Settings, but I'm staying far, far away.

Taking a cue from Editors' Choice Weather Underground, The Weather Channel has also added a social weather reporting feature.

For instance, during my testing, I watched a 30-second feature about a toddler who was born without a nose.

In between all this weather information are panels for Videos and Weather News, the latter of which are just The Weather Channel's news stories.

Readers familiar with The Weather Channel's unique mix of pithy, breathless journalism will not be surprised that most of the video content has nothing to do with weather.

Perhaps The Weather Channel has some peculiar views on New York geography.

The developers tell me this issue will soon be addressed.

Weather Widget War The war of Android weather supremacy will be fought with widgets, as most users probably prefer to get their weather information at a glance.

The Weather Channel has spruced up all its widgets and now offers four size options.

This last panel estimates the delays for both arriving and departing flights, and it automatically detects nearby airports.

I'd like to see a little more customization in the last panel, and it seems so useful that, again, I'm disappointed it's buried so deep.

When I first reviewed The Weather Channel's app, I bemoaned its outdated design and truly maddening monetization scheme.

It was among my least favorite Android weather apps.

That said, you can view traffic data on radar maps, which is helpful.


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