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Since it is a Saturday and I’ve had a tiring week, I will take a break from the task at hand and use what little I have learned to assist travelers that might appreciate the rewards of travelling off the beaten path in third world countries.It should also assist anyone engaging in questionable activities.Documentation The real art of producing documentation is the subtle play of how much to produce.

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You might still call this lower level “corruption”, but that’s not a helpful word if you want to acquire the most effective attitude for dancing with it. It focuses the mind on the true task at hand when dealing with officialdom and removes any unpleasant subconscious connotations.

So if you can view the following tools and tips as negotiation guidelines it will help bring the necessary smile to your face when the situation requires one.

The Police begin to expect more from everyone, and the populace is then burdened beyond any sense of reasonableness.

I might mention that checkpoints for any given location in most countries are set up no more than once a week, and frequent travelers reach accommodations with the authorities so that they are not unnecessarily burdened to the point that they are single-handedly putting the policeman’s children through school.

If a person does not directly harm another, then I try not to judge.

You might call this Mc Afee’s Travel Guide: In order to make the most of your travels, you need to first understand that, throughout much of the Third World, there is a smoothly functioning “system” in place that has evolved over centuries.It is because I am one of the few white men who chose to live part time in the interior of the country.I was one of only three white guys living in the district of Orange Walk, for example.Press Credentials The most powerful tool a traveler can possess is a Press card.It will allow you to completely bypass the “documentation” process if you have limited time or limited funds and don’t want to deal with it.As all of my close friends know, I have not always been a teetotalling, drug fighting citizen.


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