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Buyers can enjoy walking on the water using the pathways,' Arup explained.

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Kolkata is set to make history by adding a floating market on its water front.

Officials say the proposed market is the first of its kind in India and third in Asia.

'Now when people visit the city, they make sure they visit the Howrah bridge, Victoria Memorial or the Eco Park.

'I am pretty sure that in future, whenever somebody pays a visit to Kolkata, he will definitely stop by Patuli to visit the floating market — which will redefine tourism in Kolkata,' he said.

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'Thus, if people would want to buy a particular thing, he could enter into the market and head straight towards the particular cluster of shops,' the Councillor said.

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'There are two floating markets and this is going to be the third one in Asia and of course the first-ever in India. He would not only enjoy shopping in this market but experience the thrill of walking on the water as well,' he concluded.


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