boulder online dating - Iphone 5 not updating email

With other email providers, such as many internet service providers and AOL, you can change your email password by going to Settings Password.

If not, you will need to go to https://mail.and change your password first. Once it is unable to connect to the Yahoo server, you will be prompted to enter the new password.

Step 7: Enter your email address, then tap the Next button.

If you have already updated your email password with your provider, and you don’t use app-specific passwords with that provider, then you will be able to change your i Phone 5 email password by going to Settings Account.

Your i Phone will then prompt you for your password.

Then a few hours later I launched Outlook and found all the messages I had deleted on the i Phone were still present in Outlook.

I logged into OWA and confirmed the messages were still showing there too so the Exchange server has not been updated with the changes I made on the phone.

Over the weekend I was completely offline and while my i Phone was not connected to the internet I deleted around 450 email messages from the i Phone inbox.

Around 18 hours later I was back in cell phone range, the i Phone synchronized my new email messages, all looked good.

Do you need another charging cable for your i Phone 5?

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