Anderson cooper dating andy cohen

"That's what the night is, an intimate night of conversation and funny stories from both of our lives and behind the scenes of our work."Cohen and Cooper first met over the phone.

Mutual friends had set them up on a blind date."They figured, we were both gay and in the news business," Cooper says.

“He walks into a room and people want to be around him,” Cooper said.

“When he leaves, the party literally ends.” Oh, and if you were wondering, Cooper said—without equivocation—that Houston is the best city in Texas.

He explained: “Dallas is great, don’t get me wrong.

I just think there’s a friendliness and openness in Houston that’s really appealing.” We love you, too, Anderson.

The national tour visits Denver’s Buell Theatre on Feb. (Glenn Kulbako, Provided by Bohlsen Group) Can someone who’s been famous for most of his life also be down to earth?

Globe-trotting, Emmy-winning journalist Anderson Cooper, the son of heiress and designer Gloria Vanderbilt, has long cultivated a steady persona, whether as an on-camera personality appealing to a broad range of TV viewers, or as a reporter in dangerous, war-torn regions persuading reluctant sources to open up to him.

But both men would prefer no questions about serious news topics. We don't get that many serious inquiries," Cooper says.

They say that audience members have tended to feel the same way."Most people really are there to enjoy themselves.

The phone call, a preliminary to the date, was a non-starter and the date never happened."He broke the cardinal rule.

He asked about my mom within the first 30 seconds of talking to me," Cooper says.

It is two men sitting across from each other, reminiscing, telling tales about their lives and careers, maybe showing some videos from their professional and private lives.


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