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Enter A3: D15 in the Input Range, check Column headings included with data, select the Tukey HSD option and click on the OK button. We see that only MC-WD is significant, although WC-WD is close.

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The Real Statistics Resource Pack also provides the following functions which provide estimates for the Studentized range distribution and its inverse based on a somewhat complicated algorithm. Observation: Note that the values calculated by QCRIT and QINV will be similar, at least within the range of alpha values in the table of critical values. QINV(.015,4,18,2) = 4.82444 while QCRIT(4,18,.015,2) = 4.75289. Real Statistics Data Analysis Tool: The Real Statistics Resource Pack contains a Tukey’s HSD Test data analysis tool which produces output very similar to that shown in Figure 2.

For example, to produce the first test in Figure 2, follow the following steps: Enter Ctrl-m and select the Analysis of Variance data analysis tool from the list.

The table in the upper left hand side of the figure consists of the variables sorted from highest to lowest mean. rank) of these variables, where = 4 refers to the variable with lowest mean (i.e. The table in the upper right side of the figure is used to determine the critical values of mean differences.

These are based on the possible values of in that column.

As described above, to control type I error, we can’t simply use the usual critical value for the distribution, but instead use a critical value based on the largest difference of the means.

From these observations we can calculate confidence intervals in the usual way: or equivalently Example 1: Analyze the data from Example 3 of Planned Comparisons using Tukey’s HSD test to compare the population means of women taking the drug and the control group taking the placebo. Alternatively, we can employ Excel’s table lookup capabilities.Enter Ctrl-m and select Single Factor Anova and Follow-up Tests from the menu.Enter A3: D15 in the Input Range, check Column headings included with data, select the Tukey HSD option and click on OK. A better alternative to Tukey-Kramer when variances are unequal is Games and Howell.Although the Bonferroni and Dunn/Sidák correction factors can be used, since we are considering unplanned tests, we must assume that all pairwise tests will be made (or at least taken into account). General guidelines are: then the two means are significantly different.This test is equivalent to Picking the largest pairwise difference in means allows us to control the experiment-wise for all possible pairwise contrasts; in fact, Tukey’s HSD keeps experiment-wise , and similarly for other pairs.The following table shows the same comparisons for all pairs of variables: From Figure 1 we see that the only significant difference in means is between women taking the drug and men in the control group (i.e. We can also use the t-statistic to calculate the 95% confidence interval as described above.


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