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Peach, apricot, rose and lilac, that's what my nose distinguish the most.

This is indeed the realest peach note in a perfume.

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This exceptionally warm floral-oriental has a very fine and elegant composition made of rose, heliotrope, orris, apricot and iris. If it works better on other people that's fantastic! Tresor is my treasure, my first true olfactory-oh-so-satisfactory love! He presented me with Tresor Midnight Rose, hoping to have some common ground, after all it is also Lancome and it contains the word Tresor in its name... To cut a long story short, I bought myself vintage Tresor and I indulge in it every time my husband is away on a business trip. Am I finally being wise or am I being rebellious or am I just in love with Tresor??! I smelled this today for the first time, and I immediately went: oh, I've got this one!

But I never want to inhale that particular smell again. That being said, I haven't owned and worn it for many many years because my husband loathes it (yepp, he joined the blue haters' bar). It is very similar to YSL Paris, maybe "softer around the edges".

Current Tresor is very synthetic last power also is still good but you have too spray aloe more too smell it on you, Current last all day and projects pretty decent. However, this morning, I was determined to wear it, I just had to get creative.

Okay, Vintage now does smell more natural in smell my bottle is from the 90s, I do notice that the shape of the bottles vintage is taller and the sprayer on Vintage is a big one. Too me personally I love both formulas current and vintage, but I if can be honest I almost 99.9 % of the time prefer vintage formula back in the day they used real natural ingredients, today they use lots of Synthetics. So I layered Tresor with Lancôme L’Autre Oud, and now it’s fabulous.

This is the only perfume I was complimented on in the street in my entire life! They do indeed share a lot of notes, and both were made by Sophia Grojsman. I will update this review as soon as I am able to do that. So today I had a chance to compare Tresor and YSL Paris side by side.

They do indeed share the same interpretation of the rose note. However, Tresor then develops to be more fruity/gourmand, and Paris - flower/rose with a pungent note that reminds me of rubber or latex (I'd even say it reminds of a scented condom, but sort of in a good way; sorry! They share the same powdery rose in the drydown as well.

It's very traditional and like most Lancôme, strong and long-lasting, I came across Tresor in the 90s, when my father picked up a Lancome miniature set from the duty free.

He knew little about how grown up all scents in that box were.

This is A LOT of very heady florals--think really strong jasmine, pungent rose, tuberose-the ilk.

On top of these florals (which are very well blended honestly), I get a very powdery note.

It dries down to an amber-like note, musky and woodsy, Its only saving grace is a little sweetness from the fruit notes--I get some berry and something kind of tropical like banana.


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