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See requirements & details here: https://mx/tramites/ficha/visa-de-residencia-permanente/SRE236 2, If you want to work, or receive income here, Mexico offers 3 visas with permission for “paid activities” (“ visas by either having sufficient wealth, income or property …

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They must get a letter from a government clinic doctor describing their condition(s), also stating that they are unable to travel.

Excuses of old age, forgetting to return, or having a broken-down unreliable car are not accepted by INM.

Complete a letter including the requests to preserve your $$ deposit with Banjercito, and to notify Aduana to extend your TIP expiration date (fecha de caducidad).

Back to the INM office: Once in Mexico on the 30 day visa, go online to the INM website, and file your information, use the “Canje” option/selection …. Foreigners Residente Temporal (RT) who want to either renew their current RT card (or change status to Residente Permanente (RP) , now start the application online at the INM website, and then take the Pieza Number (issued by the website) to INM with their financial documents and passport: ~ Go to the current INM webpage for applications, and enter your personal information into the INM computer database at: INMs Online Site for Applying for an Residente Temporal, Residente Permanente, or extensions of them: (

Do NOT enter with a 180 day tourist-visitante visa, as that cancels your Residency process …

and forces you to go back to the Consulate in the USA and start all over.

As you enter Mexico, be sure to check that INM ONLY gives you a 30 day visa.

If they give you a 180 day visa, THAT IS A BIG MISTAKE.

leaving no time to notify Aduana that you NEED a new TIP expiration date.


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