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This review will be an addendum of sorts for my 2 prior reviews of "Polo".My initial review was negative, citing the pungent odor on a 90 degree plus day.So let it be written, so let it be done The epitome of a classic. Any man who wants to feel mature, respected, and inviting; wears this fragrance. If you use just a light spray on a leather coat on a cool evening it is hard to beat.

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Primarily, the beloved cool weather pine notes fade into the background sooner resulting in a more leather/tobacco lean to it.

Not as deep and rich as something like Pure Havane, but more like walking into a den where owner as a shirt with an open pouch of good pipe tobacco, and a good pair of leather boots that wear well versus a well stocked tobacco store with many brands.

It's at this point which, although Polo has no floral ingredients as such, I nonetheless get a subtle but very definite set of musky/floral impressions.

Willing to accept that could just be my imagination but, to my nose at any rate, it makes Polo something of an enigma.

Bought it early 2015, and when I first smelled it (on wrists) my stomach turned and I put it away. It can be overpowering if applied to heavily, but used in moderation it’s simply a great all-purpose fragrance. Stop by Sephora (it's a mainstay there) and spritz some on your pressure points. These particular humans are commonly referred to as baby boomers and generation x.

I think every man should own a bottle of this and Aramis. Coudn't do it as a kid smelling this and can't do it now. The baby boomers were the largest generation on the planet earth.

My second wearing on a fall day was much better, as were subsequent winter days.

My second review gave a positive endorsement for fall and winter.

I distinctly remember the enigma-effect when this was my signature for a year or so back in the 90's, so whilst I assume there have been the inevitable reformulations since then, I'm pleased that the spirit of this fragrance has been kept intact.

Definitely one for chaps of a certain age such as myself, but because it still feels so contemporary, I see no reason why it shouldn't have a broader appeal (it certainly used to when I was a 30-something).

Less is more, two sprays will get the job done every time... Think of a leather satchel interior containing the residue of evergreen resins with remnants of pure tobacco leaf and some other spices.


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