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The rock layers above the Vishnu Complex and Supergroup are fairly flat. The next up, not labeled in the figure above, is the Bright Angel Shale.

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Preface for blog: The first two-thirds of this essay deals with the rock formations of the Grand Canyon – what they are, and how and when they formed.

This should be educational and understandable to readers without a science background.

YE creationists are convinced on religious grounds that the earth is only about 6000 years old, and that most of the sedimentary rock layers on earth (including those in the Grand Canyon) were laid down in the Noahic Flood around 2500 B. This view, also called Flood geology, is widely influential among conservative Christians in North America.

High school and college educators, especially in certain regions of the U.

We find a consistent pattern of misrepresentation and withholding of information by the YE creationist scientists who have the training to know better.

By presenting only partial truths, they have succeeded in misleading a large fraction of American evangelical Christians.

The last major section (“WHAT WERE THEY THINKING”) deals with the emotional issues and Bible interpretation regarding creation – some readers may want to go right to that section. To put it into Word for reading or printing out, copy and paste (as HTML) into Word.

To see what other essays are in this blog, go to README. INTRODUCTION AND OUTLINE The Grand Canyon in Arizona is a natural wonder, up to a mile deep and eighteen miles across.

An alternate point of view is Young Earth (YE) Creationism.


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