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Hidden bays, pure white sands, swaying palms – there are times when only a beach holiday will do. Whatever you’re looking for, our small, city centre hotels put you at the heart of where it happens.At our selection of small but perfectly formed hotels, you’ll find those special spots that seem truly out of this world. Be the first to leave footprints in pure, white sands, or to dive beneath turquoise waters. Experience the ultimate in 21st-century luxury in our modern design retreats.Her father discovered her body guarded by “two very large, brindle-colored pit bull dogs,” who were Stephens’ pets that friends said she loved.

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For others, it’s the chance to plan the adventure of a lifetime.

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Stephens would return home about five times a week to see the canines.

“[Stephens’ father] wasn’t taking care of them — it wasn’t his responsibility,” Blackwood said.

Unwind in expansive, lakeside ranches in renowned wine regions, or delve into treasure-filled cellars beneath chic, city centre retreats.

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But in the time leading up to the attack, the dogs were a “little bit neglected,” Sgt. MASSACHUSETTS BOY, 7, MAULED BY PIT BULLS, COPS SAY Blackwood said Stephens had left the dogs with her father.


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