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1217 (Lincolnshire HER) Comments This is a site than has undergone a rare extensive and detailed excavation and was found to have had a complex history.

This started as a Saxon defended manorial site and had the earthworks modified on several occasions (and timber buildings rebuilt) including use as a Norman castle.

AD 50-200): Romano-British occupation, comprising a sequence of three circular houses. 800-850): A middle Saxon settlement of timber and clay houses standing within large earthwork enclosures fronting on to a street. 850-950): A large, fortified oval enclosure containing a complex of timber buildings interpreted as a bow-sided hall, weaving shed, kitchen and bower. 950-1000): A rebuilt complex of timber buildings, enclosed within an unchanged fortification. 1000-1080): Reconstruction of the timber buildings within a fortified egg-shaped enclosure of increased size and strength. 1080-1150): A small timber-revetted motte with timber tower was raised in the north-east comer of the enclosure, forming a single bailey containing a small hall. 1150): The bailey was filled in and the motte and ramparts lowered to form a large flat castle mound supporting a large aisled hall.

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Beresford between 1971-74, establishing a remarkable sequence of occupation, although the precise dating of the phases has remained a subject for debate.

The dates given below follow Beresford’s chronology: Phase I (c.

Aerial photographs show the site both before and after it was levelled with the ditch showing as a cropmark following the destruction of the site. Preservation: The excavations of the manor and DMV took place in anticipation of agricultural clearance; this has eradicated all traces of manorial and village earthworks.

The site of the motte and bailey was formerly contained within a scheduled area including the earthwork remains of the medieval settlement. Description: Prior to excavation, the site comprised a low mound of squarish plan, c . The feature was entirely surrounded by a shallow yet wide ditch with a maximum width of c .In the mid 12th century the bailey banks were pulled in to create a flat-topped mound for a timber aisled hall and ancillary buildings which was adandoned shortly afterwards.By the mid-12th century the manor is believed to have been in the hands of the Kyme family. 14-SEP-1998 English Heritage Alternative Action Report)Situation: The castle/manor site lay on a thin, slightly elevated, lens of sand in the south-east comer of the former earthworks of Goltho DMV; both occupy a low-lying clayland site.Providing info in your bio is a great way to avoid an awkward situation later on, in your conversation or even worse in person on your first date. I was working for a Fortune 35 Company for years..I'm living my dream, traveling the world, meeting new people, and sharing it all.In addition to height this is a good rule of thumb for age, if you have children, are a smoker, in an open relationship, anything to do with gender including reassignment or any other critical information. If the app will not allow you to correct inaccurate age specify your correct age in the bio section. Free Spirit, Substance, Thrill Seeker, Sarcasm, Well Read, Spontaneous, Cultured, Self Aware, Chill Fun AF, Sweet Independent, DT Earth, Happy, Focused, Present, Sophisticated, Authentic, Work Hard/Play Harder, Gratitude All Day Every Day.The motte lay in the north east of a rectangular earthwork enclosed with a gatehouse and a bridge located to the east side.

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