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Wenn Sie konform bleiben, sind Sie ein Teil der Lösung – eine gemeinschaftliche, globale Antwort im Kampf gegen die Sicherheitsverletzung von Zahlungskartendaten.

Das PCI Security Standards Council arbeitet kontinuierlich an der Überwachung von Bedrohungen und an der Verbesserung der Mittel, die der Industrie im Umgang mit diesen zur Verfügung stehen.

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Apatite thermochronometry results show that South Georgia had remained connected to South America until ca.

45–40 Ma; both record a distinct rapid cooling event at that time.

Our results show that the South Georgia microcontinental block could not have been an emergent feature from ca. Considerable effort has been directed at understanding the geological evolution of the Scotia Sea region as seafloor spreading in the West Scotia Sea caused the opening of the deep Drake Passage oceanic gateway that paved the way for the thermal isolation of Antarctica by the deep Antarctic Circumpolar Current (ACC) (Dalziel et al., 2013a, 2013b).

Because models of the evolution of the ACC are tied to the tectonic reconstructions that restore microcontinental blocks and volcanic arcs to pre–seafloor spreading locations, it is essential that pre-drift locations are well defined.

Das PCI Security Standards Council ist ein internationales, offenes Forum für die Weiterentwicklung, Verbesserung, Archivierung, Verbreitung und Implementierung von Sicherheitsstandards für den Schutz von Kontodaten.

Sorgen Sie für die Sicherheit Ihrer Systeme, dann können Kunden Ihnen ihre sensiblen Zahlungskartendaten anvertrauen.

However, plate kinematic data have, controversially, been used to suggest that the pre–seafloor spreading location was at the eastern end of the North Scotia Ridge and that South Georgia once belonged to part of an extended continental margin along the Falkland Plateau that formed as Gondwana broke up in Jurassic time (Eagles, 2010a).

The motivation for this model was driven by the need to explain an apparent deficit in the translation of South Georgia accounted for by seafloor spreading based on a South American origin.

Cenozoic opening of the central Scotia Sea involved the tectonic translation of crustal blocks to form the North Scotia Ridge, which today is a major topographic constriction to the flow of the deep Antarctic Circumpolar Current that keeps Antarctica thermally isolated from warmer ocean waters.

How this ridge developed and whether it was a topographic barrier in the past are unknown.

Furthermore, because the three main fronts to the modern ACC are steered by regional bathymetry (Fig.


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