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LACHLAN PARKER: There were gasps, smiles and hugs among his victims and their families in the court room, as he was sentenced to 25 years - with a non-parole period of 18.

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LACHLAN PARKER: How hard was it standing up in court last week to make your statement?

UNIDENTIFIED: Very emotionally draining, definitely. LACHLAN PARKER: Would you have preferred not to have to stand up in court? Would have just loved to drag him out the back and shoot him, but you've gotta go through this process to get justice don't ya?

Justice Nyland said she had to take into account his reputation among inmates.

EXCERPT OF SENTENCE: I am also mindful of the fact that quite apart from the problems associated with offending such as this, your reputation as a stern magistrate during your time on the bench will create problems in you being accommodated in the general gaol population.

And today he was given a 25 year sentence - believed to be the longest sentence handed down to any paedophile.

Victims advocates describe it as a new benchmark - with a non-parole period of 18 years - he'll be at least 75 before he gets out of gaol.Some of his victims last week brought many in the court room to tears as they read their victim impact statements describing how Liddy had ruined their lives.This afternoon, they had their say outside the court.That offence, in my view, requires a penalty over and above any penalty to be imposed with respect to the sexual offending.LACHLAN PARKER: Since his conviction, Liddy has been in solitary confinement - only allowed out of his cell for an hour a day - and with no contact with other prisoners.UNIDENTIFIED: It was actually more than I expected, but yep, happy with that.

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