elucidating the structure - Windows xp stuck on validating identity wireless network

I don't know one way or the other, but that's a good speculation.

windows xp stuck on validating identity wireless network-54

The Petrie Chip allegedly replaced an identical-looking integrated circuit and consumed an identical amount of power, making it virtually impossible to discover its presence in the computer.

The Petrie Chip allegedly automatically copied data tracked in the PROMIS system and periodically transmited the data to a local NSA listening device, defeating any Tempest Shield-type protections.

Hey, if you want to stop using American products go right ahead.

All technology should be considered to have little goodies from its host government hiding inside of it.

Coming next: NSA compromises all brand new computers.

(What's scary is that this no longer sounds crazy).

Anarchists who think that we can enter some sort of stateless utopia through radical transparency are delusional.

• September 5, 2013 PM I just read today's Snowden-based articles in the New York Times and the Guardian on NSA actions to SIGINT-enable target communications.

An NSA integrated circuit manufacturing facility in the Silicon Valley allegedly produced the "Petrie Chip" which the CIA contractor covertly inserted into the computers equipped with the PROMIS software.

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