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Sixty-one-year-old Arianna was, still is, and probably will continue to be the target of both awe and suspicion.Her life’s journey is now the stuff of Greek myth, chronicled by every major magazine and by her own pen.

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” she asked in that lilting Mediterranean tone that is usually compared to Zsa Zsa Gabor’s but that I found more Glinda the Good Witch.

(She has since fallen in love with Chelsea, where she’s renting a seventeenth-floor apartment from which she can walk to work.) There is much of Arianna in that one sentence: Love is important in all things, and then there’s the “don’t you think?

” she says—the AOL version of happy hour, with music and food and drinks.

Usually the tallest woman in the room, she’s dressed in formfitting Citizens of Humanity black jeans, a short black curvy blazer, a white shirt, and strappy heels.

Arianna was dressed in suede knee-high boots, a gray dress, a ruffly collar over a cardigan, the hair unflappable, the makeup thick. Since relocating here from Brentwood, Los Angeles, she was still living at the Mercer Hotel in So Ho.

“You have to fall in love to buy a house, don’t you think?Even though Maher is a liberal democrat a fact that he doesn't hide he always includes a priceless panel of pairings of liberals, moderates, and even always at least one republican or conservative guest each week so that way you get to hear both sides of the story on the most hot-button political issues in discussion format.So don't miss it when it runs on HBO on Fridays at 11PM, check your listing though like most HBO series this is a program that starts each season at a different month. With astonishing speed she goes from Cambridge Union debating star to best-selling author at 22 (with ) to conservative-commentator wife of a billionaire Texas oilman to independent gubernatorial candidate to committed liberal and bloghost and now the sudden It girl of the branding, marketing, digital-media world.Your own reaction to her new incarnation—whether you consider her a corporate sellout or a digital-age savant—reveals as much about you as it does about Arianna.Another day, she says to me, “I wish there was a better, less pompous word for it, but it exists.”And what is our Zeitgeist? As people are getting more disenchanted with the national level and focusing increasingly at the local level, they feel empowered. Then she’s on to San Francisco for her “Road Show with Arianna,” a big night out with marketers and companies—which hit Los Angeles and Chicago as well.


  1. The actor will next be seen on the big screen in the final installment of the “Hangover” trilogy, set to hit theaters on Thursday.

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  3. He argued that overall peer review is needed and quite beneficial to the creationist movement, but there are shortcomings, as most all creationist and secular scientists realize.

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