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But it was a call from her dad Ronald that left Kenya in tears.'Everybody's been asking me about what your recent post on Facebook was, and I told them I ain't heard a damn word,' he told her, with Kenya pulling awkward faces at being confronted.'I, em — I definitely went away and eloped because I just didn't want it to be full of drama,' she said, reminding him that when they previously talked about the idea of her getting married he 'wasn't necessarily encouraging.''I decided not to invite my father because I never know what my dad is going to say and do,' she explained later in a confessional. I didn't want anything at my wedding to upset my future husband.And I didn't want anything to spoil my wedding day.'Kenya started crying as she told her dad that she has 'been through so much and to find a really great' guy, telling Ronald: 'I'm sorry that you missed it, because I really wanted you there.''You think I didn't want to be there? 'It's the thing I've been waiting for all your life.'Kenya later admitted: 'Do I regret not having my dad walk me down the aisle? Every little girl wants their dad to walk them down the aisle.'Her dad, revealing he had not even met his son-in-law, ended on a positive note, however, telling her: 'With that said, I am ecstatic for you.In other developments, the RHOA women met with a psychic medium organized by Nene Leakes to address their problems with one another, but the energy balancing session only sparked more rows between the women. I feel like at your party you were not really there.''I was there,' Nene said: 'I had a great time until you guys were doing your thing.'Kim told her: 'Sorry, I apologize for acting like a coconut in your house.

I'm telling you the f***ing truth.'Kandi, however, took to social media to refute Kim's claim. But Kim shot back on Twitter, writing: 'If anybody is lying it’s you @Kandi You and your husband are full on swingers f**king all kinds of girls and can NEVER admit it.

And bitch if it weren’t for me there would be no house. 'Kandi was also at the center of an ugly rumor spread by former cast member Phaedra Parks last season that she and husband Todd tried to drug and seduce Porsha Williams.

Porsha Williams was nervous at seeing Ne Ne, saying they had not spoken in two years and telling Shereé: 'You can reintroduce me to who she is now. Look like one, sound like one — just introduce me to her at the party.'They soon started arguing, with Ne Ne eventually talking over her and walking off.'The only way Ne Ne will approach this conversation is if it looks like my lips are pursed and I'm ready to kiss her big ass, but that's not what's gonna happen,' Porsha quipped.

Cynthia refused to be upset, saying: 'I'm not about to let these girls dim my light, honey.

'She insisted later: 'I've known Kenya for a while now, and one of her dreams has been to get married, have a baby, have Cynthia be her best friend. I mean these girls have been saying that you've been renting boyfriends for so long — show him off! Without paying for one.'Ne Ne finally learned Marc's name from an Instagram post, sighing: 'If you want to know anything about Kenya, just refer to social media.'But even though she greeted Kenya as 'Mrs Daly' at Cynthia's birthday bash, Kenya did not bring him and was still refusing to say his name out loud.

I just have never seen anything like this before — it's the weirdest s**t.'Ne Ne later asked Shereé Whitfield if she had met 'Bae' — still not knowing his name — with Shereé clearly surprised as she asked: 'She's not telling you his name… Kandi Burruss also confronted her over the wedding, saying: 'You told me you eloped.

Kenya Moore showed off her wedding ring on the season premiere of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta on Sunday after eloping with husband Marc Daly in St Lucia.

But the reality TV star's smile soon turned to tears after her friends and family admitted being upset that she had eloped — and left them to discover her big news by reading about it on social media.

' Ne Ne pointed out, with Kenya insisting that 'ghosts has been walking around there' and with Cynthia adding that it was the 'ghost of the broken windows,' clearly referring to her ex Matt Jordan who helped her build the house and then smashed windows in a violent outburst.


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