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Thoroughly researched, this 312 page book contains Peters "Multicolor" 2-pc box, ca early 1920s. Seldom-seen, it's out of my personal collection where it has resided for the past 25 years. While the right end of the lid shows edge separation and seal split, this box is still factory SEALED! A great historic box which, incredibly (and unlike most of these very early boxes which are most often found empty), retains 30 orig rds! Apparently a private label brand, they offered very few calibers. Though found in this "Smokeless" labeled box, these very scarce green Lesmok shells, to the author's knowledge, have been found in no other labeling (see , pg 241).

Perhaps the most desirable series in collectible Rimfire boxes by ANY maker, this is in the extremely scarce Hollow Point loading of which it contains 34 original "Semi-Smokeless" ctdgs. Solid in all respects including the yellow side label which appears to be still sealed along the back edge. "Keystone Metallic Cartridge Works, Philadelphia Penn'a". I'm only aware of .32 RF and .22 RF though there may be one or two more. Early/mid-1870s, this is a seldom seen box or caliber. Contents all original to the box including the advertising insert for "Cleaning Preparations" (& shot shells on the other side) which has been shrink-wrapped on the bottom side of the box. This rare box has 14 original cartridges (which, for years, I've seen priced in the -15 range).

This box is from the George Kass collection--no better pedigree or provenance exists!

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Each year since 2010, schools have nominated students for The Des Moines Sunday Register Academic All-State.

We asked each high school in Iowa to select a senior who is among the best and the brightest - with a mixture of good grades, test scores, activities and accomplishments that made them stand out among their peers. To explore the selections, enter the full or partial name of a student, select an optional year or school from the drop-down menus, and click 'Search'.

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My most recent posting elicited more than a few comments, many of them predictably harshly critical of me for dating so much and being "committed to being uncommitted." I've learned some things during my over 50 dating years, and hope some of those lessons are of help to people my age -- men AND women (and yes, next column will be advice for women, as foolish as that may seem to some readers coming from such an uncommitted cad as I). I got divorced 20 years ago and after a three-year, three-state child custody battle that cost more -- financially and emotionally -- than one can imagine, I got sole custody of my then 11- and 8-year-old children. I was busy raising these fabulous kids (the best thing I've ever done) and laser-focused on that and only that. I've been married, engaged, and in a few long relationships. After all, the vast majority of men and women on these dating sites had been in long-term marriages. If you're "alone," you must be either a social pariah, (Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber), or terribly, terribly pathetic and sad and unable to maintain a relationship.

I soon got engaged and lived with a woman for a year. And yes, I discovered along the way that I love meeting new people, I love hearing life stories, I love women (I knew that before turning 50).

I can hear the knee-jerk chorus: "No man who dates a lot loves women." Well, I do.

An unusually nice example of this rare box for the Rem-Rider and Chicago and Minneapolis palm pistols. FULL, EARLY (pre-1900) "loose-pack" box of this very scarce & much in demand caliber for the Rem-Rider and Chicago and Minneapolis palm pistols. The fragile label shows some even, light scuffing but there is no loss of text or graphics.

Tight seams w/ top label near 99% and side label approx 90%. This spur-trigger revolver "picture box" is ca 1866-67!

But researcher Gina Ogden, in conducting her famed Isis study (a national survey of sexuality and spirituality), found that women in their 60s and 70s were having the best sex of their lives -- people need to understand that the brain is the most important sex organ in the body!


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  3. We advise to always take your time with online dating and treat it like a fun way to make a friendship that could blossom into a lasting relationship.

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  6. If you are only seeking a relationship with another of the same faith, it is likely that you would be more suited to a matrimonial service – for the simple reason that the vast majority of members you will meet there will be Muslim (and most are seeking a partner of that faith).

  7. Although it could be concluded that the observational and model-projected average velocity agree (95% confidence level (CL)), error margins are comparatively wide, masking the fact that the mean velocity for the model-projection products exceed observational records for nearly all stations and Representative Concentration Pathway (RCP) experiments, and are likely in the range of 1.6–2.5 mm/year.

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