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The feature at centre-right is Solis Lacus, often called the 'Eye of Mars'; it also appears in a sketch by UK astronomer Paul Abel (angle above the horizon) before disappearing into the brightening dawn twilight.

Telescopically the planet is a disappointing sight, its low altitude and tiny apparent size frustrating most attempts to obtain a steady and clear view of the planet's surface.

which take place during the planet's 2017-19 apparition.

Unfortunately for telescopic observers in the Northern hemisphere, (due South) at a relatively low altitude, so that atmospheric turbulence interferes with observation of the planet throughout this period of the apparition.

For observers at high-Northern latitudes, low altitude is not the only problem. 62 Sagittarii is one of a group of four 4th-magnitude stars, within 2 of each other, which Claudius Ptolemy (ca. (provided for telescopic observers) is the Martian longitude which appears at the centre of the disk when seen from the Earth at the time indicated (0h Universal Time, or 0h GMT).

Secunda Giedi has an 11th-magnitude component, part of a true binary system but which is itself double.

Al Giedi is therefore a 'double double' star or, more technically, a multiple star system.

From 01 hours UT on March 19th to 11 hours UT (March 20th) sketched by British amateur astronomer Paul Abel in March 2016 using an 8-inch Newtonian reflector telescope at 200x magnification.

The planet was in the first half of its 2015-17 apparition and measured 11".5 in diameter when seen through telescopes (in this case, 88% illumination).Seen through telescopes under dark skies, three dark dust lanes can be seen, from which the nebula gets its name.At the centre of the nebula is a double star comprising components of 7th and 8th magnitude.Through telescopes, however, each star is seen to be double.The fainter component of Prima Giedi is of 9th-magnitude and is not physically related to it.On September 16th the planet is now about half-way through its third morning apparition of 2017, there being seven apparitions in total this year (four in the morning and three in the evening).


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