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"I know that the school has the resources to stay up to date and provide the safest equipment," said Lauletta, who played quarterback at the Naval Academy and coached a youth football team.

Locally, parents say they are aware of helmet safety standards but rely on the schools' athletic departments to comply with them.

"I'm completely confident that my boys are safely equipped and know the correct way to tackle," said Celeste Lomax, who lives in Washington Township, Gloucester County, and has two sons, junior Brad and freshman Chase, playing football at St. Joe Lauletta, of Exton, Chester County, is the father of Downingtown East senior quarterback Bryce Lauletta.

Together, the two companies make up about 90 percent of the high school helmet market, according to Glenn Beckmann, Schutt's director of marketing communications.

Beckmann said the overall equipment market -- which include helmets, shoulder pads, knee pads, thigh pads and other "protective pieces" -- is worth about $400 million.

"There's no rhyme or reason" to the lack of 5-star helmets at a particular school, Lynch said.

"We follow the process of recondition and replacing helmets.

At the 28 schools in the local survey, more than 40 percent of the 2,330 helmets this season were rated 5-star, or "best," up from 25 percent two years ago.

Pennsbury, Troyano's school, reported that 89 percent of its 2017 helmets ranked as 5-stars.

Veteran coaches, such as Haddonfield High's Frank De Lano, suggest that "our sport is under attack." On the other hand, dramatic improvements in helmets, emphasis on helmet-free blocking and tackling, rule changes that outlaw the use of helmets on tackles and less physical practice routines have led others to say that high school football is safer than ever.

Like those in pros and college, local high school football players use helmets made mostly by Riddell or Schutt, both of which now sell almost exclusively 5-star helmets.

Maguire left that game and suffered migraine headaches, blurry vision and balance troubles for a while.


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