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These papers were published in reputable scientific journals, and were alleged by their authors to culminate in a proposed theory for describing what occurred at the Big Bang.

The controversy began in 2002 when Max Niedermaier, a physicist at the University of Tours, emailed Ted Newman, a physicist at the University of Pittsburgh, alleging that the twins—who had previously had celebrity status for a science fiction television program in France—had spoofed their Ph D theses.

Some physicists have also treated this as evidence of the fallibility inherent within the peer review system.

I, for one, have been deeply gratified by the on-line response to your talk even though a number of the You Tube comments have challenged your presentation.

As a result of these challenges, and challenges to other science-based videos from other TEDx communities, TED issued a detailed memo from TED on how to vet science-based speakers and discourage “pseudo-science” with respect to potential TEDx presenters.

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The Bogdanov affair is an academic dispute regarding the legitimacy of a series of theoretical physics papers written by French twins Igor and Grichka Bogdanov (alternately spelt Bogdanoff).

I invite your questions and comments about this unfortunate situation.

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The validity of their work was supported after independent reviews by several physicists such as Jac Verbaarschot of Stony Brook, Roman Jackiw of MIT, and Robert Coquereaux.

Columbia University mathematician Peter Woit has said, "The Bogdanoffs' work is significantly more incoherent than just about anything else being published.

(TED/TEDx is not a platform that allows unsubstantiated claims to be put forward as science.) Here are just a few specific examples of the unsubstantiated claims in your TEDx talk: The bottom line for me, Jim, as a TEDx curator, is that I need to support the criteria that all science-based TEDx talks I hope to present must be fully substantiated.

Unfortunately, as a result of TED’s research, we will be removing your talk from the TEDx Talks You Tube channel. Address your correspondence to Lara Stein, TEDx Director and Emily Mc Manus, Editor.

While I concur with much of what the fact check revealed, I am still grateful for your presentation at our first TEDx Shelburne Falls conference.


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