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Sometimes guys need alone time, time with friends, or time to pursue personal goals.Guys are all different with respect to how much space they need and when they need it, so it’s important for you to learn your guy’s preferences (and your guy should help you with this by making his preferences clear to you).

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You may need to gently and tactfully pop his bubble from time to time and call him out on his BS when it’s flagrant or excessive.

Keep in mind that even if a guy doesn’t show it, he truly appreciates you when you do this.

There’s no action that demonstrates loyalty and commitment to a guy like a public show of support.

If you defend your guy and show him that you’re emotionally there for him, it will increase his confidence and he will feel more emotionally attached to you.

When you show a guy that you value his opinion, he automatically thinks you respect him.

If you nonchalantly dismiss his opinions as elementary or even worse, stupid, you’re going to crush him, and relationship problems will ensue.Here’s a list of ten actions every woman needs to take in order to make sure her beau stays crazy about her. Give Him Space There’s a fine line between showing you care and being clingy.Guys love it when you pay attention to them and send them cute emoji text messages, but there are also times you need to back off with all the attention.Now, I’m not saying don’t disagree with your guy – because you should when appropriate – just show him that at least in your eyes his thoughts, opinions, and emotions are valid and worthy of respect.When guys feel respected they feel valued, and the better a guy feels about himself the more energy and vitality he can bring to your relationship. Keep Him On His Toes Guys are biologically wired to constantly be on the hunt for new and exciting things, so they will naturally be more interested in you if you’re able to shake things up from time to time. It can be as simple as surprising him with tickets to an event, or a small gift.Guys want to feel as though they matter in this world, that their ideas are respected.


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