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Fire provided early humans with a source of light and warmth, protection from pests and predators and the ability to cook food.

Because fire naturally occurs through lightning strikes, it can be difficult to distinguish between man-made and natural fire in the archaeological record.

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A majority of anthropologists believe that cooking began about 250,000 BCE, when evidence of hearths began appearing in human settlements in Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

Pottery is defined by some as any fired ceramic wares that contain clay when formed, while some archaeologists restrict pottery to ceramic vessels.

The potter’s wheel, which revolutionized pottery making, was invented in Mesopotamia between 60 BCE.

The move from hunter-gatherer to agriculture was gradual and occurred at different times in different places.

Most agree that our speech organs evolved for feeding and breathing, not speech, but that our tongue, lips, larynx, hyoid bone and respiratory apparatus were fortuitously well-designed to produce speech.

Theories about the origins of speech and language abound.In some areas, man developed tools that define the fourth, or Aurignacian, phase, which lasted from 43,000 BCE to 33,000 BCE in parts of Europe and Asia.The tools are characterized by blades, instead of flakes from prepared cores.The chronological lists contain every invention that was on at least two of the “Best Inventions” lists I found.This version of the list also contains much more information about the invention, including precursors, improvements and further developments.During this phase, polished stone axes were used to clear forests in temperate zones.


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