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The results are also inserted on a map for ease of use.

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Local area networks link computers in the same building, wide area networks like the internet connect computers that may be far apart.

A way of limiting access to material on the internet by examining it before it is shown to the user and deciding whether or not it is acceptable.

If you are truly worried about your child’s safety and mental wellbeing, you should do something before things get out of control.

Now thanks to Phone Tracker software, the power to control your child’s smartphone activity is in your hands! Android ® is a registered trademark of Google ® : Samsung ® is a registered trademark of Samsung.

violent or adult XXX content) or put themselves at risk without being aware of the potential dangers.

Over the last 10 years, there are many reported accounts of children who fall victims of Cyber- bullying by their peers (through calls, text and social media websites) or chat unknowingly with pedophiles and other dangerous individuals who are seeking to take advantage of your children’s innocent nature to satisfy their sick and twisted needs.Many bots are malware as they are installed without people's permission and can be controlled over the internet and used to send spam or steal data. A program that allows you to use the World Wide Web to view internet pages. A 12cm diameter plastic disc that can store relatively large amounts of data – around 650 megabytes.Internet Explorer is the most commonly used browser but Firefox, Netscape, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari are also available. Originally used for music, CDs are also used for programs and other computer data files.Many home and office computers now have CD-writers as well as CD-readers and can write—or ‘burn'—data to share with friends.A number of computers that are linked together so that they can exchange data.Phone Tracker will keep track of of websites visited including the website address and the date and time it was visited.

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