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Setting aside the obvious hubris of a man who writes an autobiography in his forties, much less two, these enterprises could accrue a nice nest egg but still nothing like 12 million.

Husband and wife, both of whom worked in the nonprofit, public service sectors, made enough to purchase a $ 2 million home while he was but a part-time worker. The Dissenting Democrat has listened to the plight of members of the Minnesota Legislature whose devotion to public service, with corresponding lower incomes and limited prospects, has rendered them unable to get a mortgage on a 300,000 dollar home.

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In 2016, she became the first plus-sized model to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

The news is full of notes and snide comments about Mitt Romney’s upsizing to a new summer home four times the size of his previous home. Mitt’s Daddy, George, unlike son, actually built things in America and made money doing so, and left Mitt a pile. We do know that Barack Obama and wife have a tidy 12 million dollar estate. Although well-paid, the Obamas never moved their annual income above that of a typical middle income professional couple.

Often, they have provided dates for artifacts and even human remains specially-tailored to fit the preconceived notion that only modern This website is based on the comprehensive volume by archaeologist, Christopher Hardaker, detailing the entire story of how a whole generation of science readers have been deliberately steered away from data that might confuse them regarding the aggressively-promoted paradigm of no-early-peoples in the Americas.

Are you, as an objective thinker, concerned by those attempting to do your thinking for you? Hardaker's page also features updates on an American archaeological site deemed invalid by promoters of the above-mentioned paradigm though one taken seriously by famed anthropologist Louis Leakey. Rather than allowing yourself to be prodded along, take a look at the data and think for yourself.

How did this couple of part-time and nonprofit employment swing a 2 million dollar mortgage?

How did the President and First Lady without known sources of income capable of accruing millions become millionaires?

Mitt like many of the Super Rich make their millions by intentionally selling off, and selling out, America. Say, they made $ 300,000 annually between them, how did they become millionaires? Community organizing is not a profitable profession.

We know he has made a business of acquiring businesses, firing their workers and selling off assets. Prior to becoming a candidate for President, he was a U. Senator making about $ 160,000 and she was legal counsel for a NONPROFIT hospital at about the same income as her husband. And before being facilitated into state office over virtually token opposition, Barack Obama was a community organizer.

As a response, more and more people have joined together to form discussion groups to weigh out the evidence for themselves, express doubts, and or philosophies.

What matters, and what skeptics should pay attention to, is that these groups have mounting empirical reasons to doubt the veracity and objectivity of what is presented to them as fact by mainstream science.

Prior to the Internet, the peer review system in anthropology so effectively blocked conflicting data from publication that the general public had no way of knowing that conflicting data even existed; it believed that mainstream science was giving them a true and balanced interpretation of all known evidence.


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