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The AMO's expression in ring width is consistent across drought sensitive-records from the American Southwest and central Rocky Mountains, which may reflect its influence on moisture flux into the western interior of North America during summer.

In comparison, the ring-width responses to the PDO, PNA, and NAO are less spatially coherent across the network and appear be connected through a more complex chain of causes linking climate modes, local climate and seasonal tree growth.

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As promised, I’m going to talk about Craigslist, aka the absolute fucking nadir of online dating.

Because the Northern Hemisphere ring-width network is now so large, it is more crucial than ever to ensure our understanding of tree–environment relations is not influenced by decisions to include or exclude certain records.

As an initial step, it would be helpful if paleoclimate reconstructions derived from tree rings described more explicitly the criteria used to select ring-width records as potential predictors and specified those records excluded by that screening.So you can imagine my disgust when I realized about 98% of the women posting on CL are fakes, shills, and con artists.They want to sell you something, usually by talking lonely guys into coughing up their credit card information for some bogus “dating verification site.” The next thing you know, you’ve got 0 or more in charges you didn’t think you authorized because you didn’t read the terms and conditions carefully (okay, okay: at all) and clicked the button that said “Please make me take out a fucking mortgage just for a chance to get a sniff!Doing business in the Philippines and need some due diligence? In a situation that requires important evidence and information?No matter what your situation and your need for evidence, chances are we can help you find a solution and achieve your objectives.For criminal cases, we coordinate with law enforcement.

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