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I would be 2.75yrs old and my husband would be 4.25yrs old. You could also spread them around the house with words on them like, “I ruff you” or “puppy love”.

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"Stars will have virtually the same position in the sky at a given time during a solar year," Andrews said.

"So it was that, some thousands of years ago, people learned to use the night sky to track the seasons," he said.

If you have a dog you could also tie the dog tag to your own dog or maybe a stuffed dog of your child’s you might already have.

Before going on our date Jason was presented with this Doggie-Bag of goodies.

Unlike today’s solar calendar, the ancient population marked a month’s time by the duration of a moon phase.

The words month and moon have similar origins in language for this reason.

My husband and I have done this before as a date so it was fun to re-create it.

I am happy to say that I did not cry this time like I did the first time we went. If you don’t live near an animal shelter and don’t have a dog, you can always ask a neighbor that does own a pet if you can borrow theirs for the day. If you don’t like plain hot dogs you can always do corn dogs or chili dogs.

"The Dog Star came into position at the time of the expected onset of the hottest season of the solar year."Sirius was not just an important marker of summer days for the Greeks and Romans, but also served the ancient Egyptians nearly 5,000 years ago, according to

Rising just before the sun around June 25 in ancient Egypt, the "Nile Star" marked the return of annual floodwaters overflowing the Nile River.

The winner of your games could be presented with a special “Top-Dog” award of your choice.


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