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Wat is de succesfactor achter dit concept met inmiddels 2 miljoen tellende gebruikers? Sinds die tijd is er meerdere keren in bladen en tijdschriften over gepubliceerd.

Even in the fledgling virtual worlds industry, very few people heard of Starbright World because its creators shunned publicity, seeing their product as a private wonderland for sick kids.

Eventually a collection of Starbright patents, which don't cover virtual worlds but an architecture for enabling thousands of simultaneous users in a 3D virtual space, passed from the original creators to the current management.

From 12pm on, introductory lessons to Lindy-Hop will be given to all those interested (Reservations required: [email protected]). the Tentation will transform into swing dancing stage.

) The festival takes place once every 2 months, usually on a Saturday from 3 pm to midnight.

The objective is two fold, to promote young designers and everything vintage.

With this perspective, the Tentation is the perfect location: the concerts and film showings take place down stairs and the vintage market is upstairs. You can also grab a bite and have a drink or participate in the raffle organized at each edition.

De gebruiker van deze game / applicatie is in staat om een karakter te ontwikkelen met eigenschappen naar eigen wens.

De gebruiker kan het karakter sturen en laten ontwikkelen, het kan contacten leggen met andere gebruikers en aan activiteiten mee doen.

Lawyers from General Patent Corporation encouraged the team to aggressively pursue licensing deals.

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