Dating direct on mobile speed dating in coventry

But Dating Direct offers no proper mobile support, and their website is long overdue a re-design.

The membership pool is split fairly evenly between the sexes with 51% of members carrying male genes, and 59% female.

As mentioned earlier, the site features are identical to Match.

To some it up, in 2013 Dating Direct is simply a poor clone of

Yes they share the same membership database, features and cost the same.

Of course you will also find simple and advanced search options, as well as the option to block members who you don’t want to hear from again, or alternatively add members to your favourites list if you would like to stay in touch.

The website itself is rather outdated and could do with a good lick of paint.Whereas Dating Direct looks like it was designed back when the dinosaurs still roamed the earth.I really don’t want to waste your time reading this review through till the end.You’ll find the Daily 6 which is a feature that presents you with 6 new singles each day that their algorithm thinks you might be interested in.The quiz option allows you to question members you find interesting by throwing some quirky questions at them.Dating Direct ( was founded back in 1999 by the UK entrepreneur Darren Richards.

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