Problems with dating a psychologist

Serial monogamists are addicted to the thrill and passion of new love and bounce from one person to the next without regard for the pain they inflict.The good news is they are not likely to cheat on their significant other while their relationship is intense and exciting.Be careful, red flags are often hidden and not immediately disclosed.

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Within ten minutes of walking out of the unit on July 20, he sexually assaulted and tried to rape his victim in Rainworth.

Lisa Derriscotts' mother, Betty and partner Andrew Whittle, both pictured leaving the inquest into her death.

But when those feelings wane and their attention is drawn elsewhere, they begin a new relationship before the last one ends. The Casanova or Aphrodite Syndrome () The Casanova (male) or Aphrodite (female) syndrome is characterized by an obsessive desire to have sex with a variety of different partners without deep emotional investment.

These Ludic lovers are players and may have several partners at a time. In the early 1980s, social psychologist Caryl Rusbult developed the investment model of relationship commitment to explain how people become committed to and stick to their partners.

But, we can point out the risk factors that lead to infidelity and may be cause for concern.

So, here are five warning signs that your partner might have a cheating heart. The Best Predictor of Future Behavior is Past Behavior.

Remember, those who fail to learn from mistakes of the past usually repeat them. Cheating Intentions Much of the research on infidelity points to three factors that together influence one's intention to cheat.

These factors include having a favorable (blasé) attitude towards infidelity, having a social network that condones or supports infidelity, and having confidence in one's ability to attract a romantic partner.

Dr Derriscott had also told her supervisor, Dr Clive Long, that she had thought about killing herself because of the incident, but had made no plan to do so.

Dr Long told the inquest he thought she was not at serious risk as she did not fit the profile of a suicide, but he had encouraged her to seek help anyway.

A history of past infidelity does not guarantee that infidelity will happen in a current relationship.

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