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Many banks are missing the original papers from when they securitized the mortgages, in some cases as long ago as 20, according to plaintiffs' lawyers.

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Some of the largest mortgage servicers are still fabricating documents that should have been signed years ago and submitting them as evidence to foreclose on homeowners.

The practice continues nearly a year after the companies were caught cutting corners in the robo-signing scandal and about six months after the industry began negotiating a settlement with state attorneys general investigating loan-servicing abuses.

However, it appeared the deceased “posed no threat to the accused at the time of his death”.

The court heard throughout Berry’s dealings with gardai, she expressed genuine remorse that Mr Riordan had died.

The judge noted Berry had been in a three-month relationship with Mr Riordan (39) and she had a tendency to enter abusive relationships.

He also noted Berry reported earlier that evening to gardaí that she had been assaulted the day of the incident.

Sorensen recently acted as a nominee of Fremont Investment and Loan, which went out of business in 2008. 11 of this year, she assigned a mortgage from the Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems registry on behalf of Fremont to a Deutsche Bank trust — for a bond issue that was completed in 2006.

Wells Fargo spokesman Tom Goyda says the document is "a routine and fully authorized assignment of the [mortgage] note," on behalf of Fremont "and its successors."On June 17, Mollie Schiffman, an assistant vice president at One West Bank, signed a mortgage assignment for a loan that also was supposed to have been transferred to a Deutsche Bank trust in 2006.

Szymoniak, a plaintiff's lawyer in West Palm Beach, Fla.

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