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GEORGE ANNAS, Bioethicist, Boston University: It's not just a matter of can we do it? MINA GATES: We've had such a wonderful five years together. Kevin suffers from a life-threatening genetic condition called Kartagener's Syndrome. Mine don't work properly, and that affects the breathing and- a lot. The only problem is the baby could inherit his Kartagener's. PAUL TUREK, Male Infertility Specialist, UCSF: They had, essentially, a lethal disease that could be passed on to a child, and did they want to pass that on? Paul Turek had to surgically remove some from his testicle.

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So I was probably much more at ease with that issue. Kevin has had 45 years of relatively good health, and he has led a full life. On the incubator shelf in the embryology lab, the fertilized eggs grew into 12 viable embryos.

Embryologist Joe Conaghan prepared two of the healthiest to put back into Mina in the hope that she would become pregnant.

LAURA: You feel very different from the medications, and so it's sometimes difficult to handle your everyday tasks. Virtually no couple will be unable to have a baby, except for those few that are at the extremes of reproductive life. SUSAN VAUGHAN: Finding the sperm was a really long process. DEB WASSER: We'd go down these lists, and we had so many of them.

KATE, Infertility Patient: I mean, drugs like Lupron, for example, depress me, made me- basically, you're pre-menopausal for weeks on end. One couple we worked with, the female partner was a backup singer in a rock band, and she was getting later in life. DEB WASSER: I mean, how do you compare a person's answer, you know, "I want to get paid obscene amounts of money for doing what I love" to someone a person who says "I want to be involved with and possibly leading a non-profit group that wants to pursue justice for the powerless people in the U. NARRATOR: The Cryobank provides 26-page profiles of each donor with descriptions and medical histories. And there was the wolf man and the bat man and the pop tart man and the pink and green man, you know, as we would try to remember them by their color, food or- and you wonder, "Why is it important? I like the guy who's specific, imaginative, descriptive, if that's genetic.

In recent years, fertility clinics like this one have seen an explosion of patients seeking treatment.

LAURA, Infertility Patient: You feel like everyone is going through infertility. NARRATOR: Susan Vaughan and Deb Wasser are surfing the Internet, looking for the perfect guy.

This mouse is much more likely to just go back in the corner, the safe spot.

This animal realizes that the walls are protecting it.

La TRICE ALLEN: They'll either send a photograph in of a brother or father, or sometimes they'll send in clippings from magazines of popular actors, it seems like whoever's in the limelight at that particular time. In this experiment he is testing mice for genes that make them more prone to take risks. This guy has no fear, just sort of walks out over the plank.

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