christian consolidating your bills - Ia rayjay still dating ms berry

The answer to that seems to be NO, coming from Mz Berry’s new interview with VH1.According to her, she and Ray J have barely made any contact since the show finished filming months ago.

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With all of these measures, especially after his sex tape with Ms.

Kardashian gained popularity, his dating show became the number one dating show on the network each season it appeared.

But I'm at a place now where talking about what really happened is allowing me to move on. In what way has the show been good for you, and in what way has the show been bad for you?

Do you think he’s sincerely looking for love — or looking for fame? The show taught me a lot about myself, and it's allowed me to grow as a person.

The finale of the 2nd season of For The Love of Ray J aired last night with 33 year old Mz Berry aka Connie Deveaux beating out Platinum to win the heart of Ray J, or did she?

The question on everyone’s minds is are they still together?

There was speculation this week that the two had split up over possible infidelity.

In a video shared on Ray J’s Instagram page of him in hotel bathroom, folks were convinced there was a woman showering in the background.

Berry since the finale, he's seen a host of other ladies.


We’ll definitely both talk about what we want, and we’ll see where it goes from there.


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