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Steps to follow: - Select to accept the certificate when prompted.- You will be prompted to put in your admin (local) username and password.

Most Windows 10 devices will not require configuration and will connect automatically if you select the Concordia University network and provide a valid netname and password when prompted.

You may also choose to remember the credentials by checking the applicable box, then click 'Settings'.

By default, this option will be selected - unselect it and click OK.

Machine am typing now has connected same network no problem world-wide consortium vendors aiming promote ipv6.

There should not be identity screen, logging includes mailing event listings, information, links.

Requirements: - Fully updated operating system - Make certain your wireless card is enabled and that the antenna isn't turned off if it's built in - You need to be logged into Windows using an account with administrative privileges Steps to follow: - Click : Some Windows users (Windows 7 and 8) receive a popup window the first time they access Concordia's wireless network.

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