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303 Squadron was also linked to the original Kosciuszko Escadrille through personnel that had served in the squadron.On 6 September 1940, nine Hurricanes were scrambled towards incoming bomber formations.

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During 2 September 1940, the squadron was scrambled three times.

On the last scramble, P/O Feric shot down a Bf 109 and then made a forced landing near Dover while former Czechoslovak Air Force pilot Sgt.

At the outset, serving RAF officers were appointed to serve as CO (S/L RG Kellett) and Flight Commanders (F/L JA Kent and F/L AS Forbes) alongside the Poles, as the Polish pilots were unfamiliar with RAF Fighter Command language, procedures and training.

The name chosen by the squadron was in honour of the famous Polish Kosciuszko Squadron which fought during the Polish-Soviet War in 1920.

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On 11 October 1940, the squadron was transferred for a rest to Leconfield in No.

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