Bow wow and omarion dating

Anyway, his brother has never gone back on his original accusations.I bet ol’ Chris thought that was the end of it, until the Bishop Eddie Long case came to light.Anyway, the group was rocked when two former members ( and brothers) accused the manager Chris “I’m Married” Stokes of not only molesting them, and other members of B2K, but also Marques Houston of Immature/Imx, and in turn, encouraging Houston to also violate them sexually.

Let’s just set aside that horrible tie that’s on his head, the fact that he looks like a swollen Ruben Studdard and probably has the worst case of hyperpigmentation (real condition) this side of this dude. I liked Randy’s line, “Dude, nothing about singing do you have going on.” Look at this fool’s rhetoric at the end. And what about some of the cats who were actually decent.

I mean, check out this cat’s act on last night’s show. They may have been decent, but let’s fact it, they weren’t exactly feeling Paula’s shameless advances toward them after each song: Anwar Robinson….

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Be sure to remember the email address and password you select to manage your account so you'll be able to easily log in to our online services and products.So after the allegations were made and “leaked” on the internet, Raz-B pops up in a video apologizing and basically recanting everything that he alleged against Chris Stokes, and Houston.However, after looking at the video, I didn’t feel as if this was voluntary, or genuine.Now Raz is back with his original accusations against Houston and Stokes.It seems to me that the accusers in the Long case must have given Raz the courage to come forward once again.Look, I know the performance arts have been attracting the gay black man since Leroy on Fame, but don’t let yourself get played on national TV.

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