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After your health examinations have been completed, the doctors will forward the results directly to the relevant processing office.

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The Embassy takes no responsibility for the costs of your medical examination.

We would like you to be aware that your physical examination will be a thorough one, and for this reason you will be asked to disrobe to your underclothes (bra and pants in the case of women and pants in the case of men).

Women should not attend for examination during menstruation as this will affect urine test results.

If you wish to have a chaperone during the examination, please arrange for one to accompany you.

We strongly recommend that you do not undergo the health checks before you lodge your application and invited to do so by our office or your Case Officer in the Department of Immigration and Citizenship in Australia. Health checks may vary depending on your age, the class of visa you apply for, the length of your proposed stay in Australia, your proposed activities in Australia, your travel history and information provided in your application form.

Undergoing the wrong checks is both expensive and will result in administrative complications and processing delays. The validity of the health checks is normally 6-12 months.Fees for immigration medicals should be consistent with local fees and charges for similar private services.Fees you can expect to pay are as follows: - X-ray and report (form 160) : NIS 210 - Medical/physical test and report (form 26): NIS550 - Laboratory tests, including blood, Urine and HIV: NIS150 - Hepatitis (B & C): NIS330 The above fees include the cost of posting the results to our office in Tel Aviv by registered mail.If for any reason the processing of your application takes longer than usual, the validity of your visa (i.e.the date by which you must enter Australia after the grant of the visa) will be restricted to the validity of the health checks. If your application is refused, there is no refund of the fees you paid for the health checks; 4.Please verify with the Embassy doctor what documents you must take with you to the appointment.


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