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Ken and Deirdre split up when Ken had an affair with Wendy Crozier in 1989.

Ken lost nearly everything from this as Deirdre threw him out and he had to sell the Recorder to pay off No.1's mortgage, with the house going to Deirdre in the divorce.

During the early years of Ken's life, his dad Frank Barlow was away serving with the British forces in World War II - by the time the war ended Ken had already started at Bessie Street School, with Ida raising Ken and his younger brother David in Frank's absence.

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Ken graduated with 2nd class honours in teaching History and English. The job of supporting Frank largely fell to Ken, as David now lived in London.

Ken turned down a teaching job in Surrey so he didn't have to leave Weatherfield, and told Frank he was turned down so Frank wouldn't feel guilty.

Three years later, Ken moved in with Val's uncle Albert Tatlock, deciding to remain in the Street to care for the aging pensioner.

The 1980s were a happier time for Ken as he married divorcee Deirdre Langton in 1981 and adopted her daughter Tracy in 1986.

This was a learning experience for Ken, who had come from a working-class background and was now finding himself mixing with mainly the middle class.

Although his parents were proud of him, they knew that Ken's background was occasionally an embarrassment to him and Frank was worried that Ken would grow to resent his roots.Embarrassed by his circumstances and tired of Frank accusing him of being idle, Ken decided to seek out a better life in London, but a chat with Christine Hardman at the train station changed his mind.A few days later, he got a teaching job at Bessie Street School.Kenneth "Ken" Barlow is a long-standing Coronation Street resident, having been born there in 1939 and living there ever since.Ken was the son of postman Frank Barlow and kitchen cleaner Ida.The 1970s saw Ken struggle to find a new path in life as he left the teaching profession and took on variety of jobs, working as a taxi driver, Community Development Officer and Editor of the free newspaper Weatherfield Recorder during this period.

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